(These rules only apply to customers of the Rollin Boutique, they do not replace the official rules of the Vans skate park and the Olympic Park)


This regulation lists various points in order to ensure the practice and teaching of skateboarding in the best conditions. In order to guarantee the best possible experience for all users and visitors of the skateboard park.

Anyone who violates these rules, who interferes with the proper functioning of activities, affects the safety of participants and contravenes the rules of good citizenship and respect for others may be sanctioned or expelled from our operations.


  1. To have access to the courses and for any rental, participants must complete the liability waiver when they arrive on site.

  2. The participant must respect the schedules so as not to penalize the coaches and other participants.

  3. The Rollin shop/school disclaims all liability in the event of loss, breakage, theft or accident occurring on the skateboard park and the Olympic Stadium esplanade.

  4. Any accident, even minor, must be declared to the Rollin staff present on site.

  5. Rental equipment must remain within the confines of the Olympic Stadium esplanade and are the responsibility of the person using this equipment, for the duration of the rental.

  6. For the well-being of all, it is essential to keep the space clean, garbage cans are installed on site.

  7. All participants must respect the rented equipment, as well as the installations.

  8. Access to the courses will be  refused to anyone whose faculties are impaired by the consumption of alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

  9. All participants must remain respectful towards the staff and other practitioners present on the site.

  10. Physical and verbal intimidation is strictly prohibited. The same applies to inappropriate, illegal or criminal acts.


  Ages required:

  1. The minimum age for board lessons and for equipment rental is 6 years old.

  2. An authorized guardian must complete each of the liability waivers for any lesson and rental involving a minor.


Protective equipment:

  1. Wearing a helmet is mandatory to participate in any type of course.

  2. All other protective equipment is strongly recommended.